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Want to send your comments to the FCC in anticipation of Rupert Murdoch's FOX/DirectTV merger? Click here before June 16th. (This site is a work in progress. Continue checking for more features!)

Welcome to -- where a coalition of media justice groups fights to protect America's freedom of speech.
The thousands of visitors to our site, and to allied sites fighting to keep our media landscape responsibly regulated and diverse, got their message through to our regulators and legislators inn a major way! Even though the FCC voted to further deregulate our media on June 2nd, we have the attention and the dedication of congresspeople and senators, who are willing to fight to protect our airwaves.
This site is in transition, but in the next days it will become:

- a place where you can write your legislators and tell them to reestablish regulations on media ownership

- a place to donate funds to support broadcast ads fighting the FCC's decision, urging our legislators to fight back

- a place to endorse a letter to the FCC calling on them to revisit their decision and responsibly regulate our media system

- a place to send your comments to the FCC, the Senate, and the President

- a place to learn more about FCC deregulation, the corporate media encroachment on the public interest, and the groups leading the fight to ensure the public's voice.


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